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Participating AU mentors are experts in synergistic ecological disciplines (see below) and have significant experience training undergraduate student research.  Moreover, our mentors are passionate about training undergraduate students and will participate in all aspects of the REU Site program.  Students chosen to participate in the REU program are encouraged to identify mentors whose research interests parallel their own to develop an interesting research project soon after arriving in Auburn.  We intend to have each REU student be mentored by two or three faculty with complementary yet different expertise.  Check out the tentative REU project ideas.


chris anderson

Dr. Moises Bernal

Research Interests: Environmental and evolutionary genomics of marine fishes


Ash Bullard

Sam Bickley (graduate student in Chris Anderson's lab)

Research Interests: Aquatic ecology and ecosystem responses to disturbance

Ian Butts

Dr. Katherine Buckley

Research Interests: Evolution and animal immunity in marine organisms


Ian Butts

Riley Buley (graduate student in Alan Wilson's lab)

Research Interests: Water quality management, field experiments, modeling


Ian Butts

Dr. Ian Butts

Research Interests: Reproductive physiology, gene banking, sexual selection, hatchery science


REU mentor - Dennis DeVries

Edna Fernandez-Figueroa (graduate student in Alan Wilson's lab)

Research Interests: Water quality management, unmanned aerial vehicles, zooplankton-phytoplankton interactions

Lori Eckhardt

Matt Gladfelter (graduate student in Alan Wilson's lab)

Research Interests: Cyanobacteria-bacteria interactions, field experiments, molecular ecology


Brendan Higgins

Dr. Brendan Higgins

Research Interests: Biofuels, wastewater treatment, species interactions


Jamie Oaks 

Maria Joao Janeiro (postdoc in Matt Wolak's lab)

Research Interests: Evolutionary ecology, population genetics


Tonia Schwartz

Dr. Stephanie Rogers

Research Interests: GIS, remote sensing, unmanned aerial vehicles, LiDAR


Matt Waters 

Dr. Matt Waters

Research Interests: Paleolimnology, climate change, eutrophication


Nathan Whelan

Dr. Nathan Whelan

Research Interests: Evolution, conservation genetics, systematics and taxonomy


Alan Wilson 

Dr. Alan Wilson

Research Interests: Community and population ecology, predator-prey interactions, field experiments, plankton dynamics


mentor spotlight

Dr. Alan Wilson