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Participating AU mentors are experts in synergistic ecological disciplines (see below) and have significant experience training undergraduate student research.  Moreover, our mentors are passionate about training undergraduate students and will participate in all aspects of the REU Site program.  Students chosen to participate in the REU program are encouraged to identify mentors whose research interests parallel their own to develop an interesting research project soon after arriving in Auburn.


chris anderson

Dr. Chris Anderson

Research Interests: Wetland and floodplain ecology, urban ecology, land use, stream ecology


REU mentor - Dennis DeVries

Dr. Dennis DeVries

Research Interests: Fisheries management, fish ecology, conservation


brian helms

Dr. Brian Helms

Research Interests: Stream community ecology, land-use effects, crayfish ecology


elise irwin

Dr. Elise Irwin

Research Interests: Riverine fish ecology and management, structured decision making for natural resources


carol johnston

Dr. Carol Johnston

Research Interests: Fish behavioral ecology and conservation, sound production in fishes


Dr. Ely Kosnicki

Research Interests: Entomology, stream ecology


mark liles

Dr. Mark Liles

Research Interests: Bacterial and viral metagenomics, environmental microbiology, fish disease


REU Mentor - Jim Stoeckel

Dr. James Stoeckel

Research Interests: Crustacean and molluscan ecology, invasive species, population ecology


Dr. Alan Wilson

Research Interests: Community and population ecology, predator-prey interactions, field experiments, plankton dynamics


REU mentor - Rusty Wright

Dr. Russell Wright 

Research Interests: Fisheries biology, community ecology, theoretical ecology, outreach


mentor spotlight

Dr. Alan Wilson