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Below, you will find a list of professional development and social activities planned for the summer 2018 program.  REU students and mentors will have influence over our final program schedule. 

Weekly events
(1) REU student research
(2) Mentee-mentor meeting
(3) REU student dinner
(4) REU student dinner with Alan
(5) Professional development

Professional development events
(1) Tips for a successful REU experience and ethical issues in science
(2) Seven strategies for academic success
(3) Career paths in science academia, government, industry
(4) Preparing resumes and developing an academic portfolio
(5) Peer review of resumes and how to identify graduate fellowship opportunities
(6) Peer review of mid-term oral presentations
(7) How to identify and contact a potential advisor and apply to a graduate program
(8) Tips for effective research presentations
(9) Peer review of draft and final student poster presentations
(10) NSF GRFP workshop

Formal presentations
(1) Lightening round midterm oral presentations
(2) Final project poster presentations

Field trips
(1) Camping on FL coast
(2) New Orleans spillway tour
(3) River float trip

Social events
(1) Multiple cookouts with other REU Sites at Auburn Univ and Tuskegee Univ
(2) Atlanta Braves baseball games
(3) Outreach projects led by students 


mentor spotlight

Jamie Oaks

Dr. Jamie Oaks