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Youngblood, R. M., R. A. Costello, E. P. Driessen, A. R. Radocha, M. Kjelvik, E. Schultheis, A. Zemenick, M. G. Weber, and C. J. Ballen. In press. Exposure to Counterstereotypical Scientist Role Models Impact How Students Relate to Scientists. Auburn University Journal of Undergraduate Scholarship.

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Anderson, C, J., C. Garcia, and J. S. Cash. 2022. Distribution and morphology of Littoraria irrorata in mesohaline tidal marshes dominated by Juncus roemerianus. Estuaries and Coasts 45:2650-2659. (PDF)

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Boardman, E. 2013. Late-summer drawdown and invertebrate assemblages in intermittent Alabama streams. University of Vermont senior thesis. May 1, 2013. Document and Oral Defense (Web link)

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Stump, A. J. 2012. Bluegill response to supplemental feeding and patch richness in recreational fishing ponds. Eastern Kentucky University Encompass Publication. (Web link)

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