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Meta-Analysis class (FISH 7350) publications

Student authors are bolded

  • David, K. T., A. E. Wilson, and K. M. Halanych. In press. Sequencing disparity in the genomic era. Molecular Biology and Evolution (Website)

  • McKenzie, B. A., A. E. Wilson, and S. Zohdy. 2019. Aedes albopictus is a competent vector of Zika virus: a meta-analysis. PLoS ONE 14(5):e0216794. (Website)

  • Heine, K. B., A. Abebe, A. E. Wilson, and W. R. Hood. 2019. Copepod respiration increases by 7% per degree °C increase in temperature: a meta-analysis. Limnology and Oceanography Letters 4(3):53-61. (Website)

  • Chalkowski, K., A. E. Wilson, C. A. Lepczyk, and S. Zohdy. 2019. Who let the cats out? a global meta-analysis on risk of parasitic infection in indoor versus outdoor domestic cats (Felis catus). Biology Letters 15:20180840. (PDF) (see the complete Altmetric list; New York Times article; Newsweek article; MSN article)

  • Bird, G., C. Kaczvinsky, A. E. Wilson, and N. B. Hardy. 2019. When do herbivorous insects compete? A phylogenetic meta-analysis. Ecology Letters 22:875-883. (PDF)

  • Roth, J.  2019. Sylvatic plague management and prairie dogs - a meta-analysis. Journal of Vector Ecology 44(1):1-10. (Website)

  • Wadsworth, P., A. E. Wilson, and W. C. Walton. 2019. A meta-analysis of growth rate in diploid and triploid oysters. Aquaculture 499:9-16. (PDF)

  • Martinez, A. S., J. R. Willoughby, and M. R. Christie. 2018. Genetic diversity in fishes in influenced by habitat type and life-history variation. Ecology and Evolution 8:12022-12031. (PDF)

  • Dobson, F. S., A. Abebe, H. Correia, C. Kasumo, and B. Zinner. 2018. Multiple paternity and number of offspring in mammals. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 285:20182042. (PDF)

  • Delaney, M., A. ArchMiller, D. P. Delaney, A. E. Wilson, and E. J. Sikora. 2018. Effectiveness of fungicide on soybean rust in the southeastern United States: a meta-analysis. Sustainability 10:1784. (PDF)

  • Weaver, R. J., E. S. A. Santos, A. M. Tucker, A. E. Wilson, and G. E. Hill. 2018. Carotenoid metabolism strengthens the link between feather coloration and quality. Nature Communications 9:73. (Website)

  • Novriadi, R. 2017. A meta-analysis approach toward fish meal replacment with fermented soybean meal: effects on growth performance and feed conversion ratio. Asian Fisheries Science Journal 30(4):227-244. (PDF)

  • Merkle, J. and M. Phillips. 2018. The wage impact of teachers unions: a meta-analysis. Contemporary Economic Policy 36(1):93-115. (PDF)

  • Willoughby, J. R., M. Sundaram, B. K. Wijayawardena, M. C. Lamb, S. J. A. Kimble, Y. Ji, N. B. Fernandez, J. D. Antonides, N. J. Marra, and J. A. DeWoody. 2017. Biome and migratory behavior significantly influence vertebrate genetic diversity. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 121(2):446-457. (PDF)

  • Hrycik, A. R., L. Z. Almeida, and T. O. Höök. 2017. Sub-lethal effects on fish provide insights into a biologically-relevant threshold of hypoxia. Oikos 126(3):307-317. (PDF)

  • Kollock, R., K. Games, A. E. Wilson, and J. Sefton. 2016. Vehicle exposure and spinal musculature in military warfighters: a meta-analysis. Journal of Athletic Training 51(11):981-990. (PDF)

  • Munsterman, A. S., J. J. Kottwitz, and R. R Hanson. 2016. Meta-analysis of the effects of adhesion barriers on adhesion formation in the horse. Veterinary Surgery 45:587-595. (PDF)

  • Kollock, R., C. Andrews, A. Johnston, T. Elliott, A. E. Wilson, K. Games, and J. Sefton. 2016. A meta-analysis to determine if lower extremity muscle strengthening should be included in military knee overuse injury prevention programs. Journal of Athletic Training 51(11):919-926. (PDF)

  • McGill, J., F. Adler-Baeder, and P. Rodriguez. 2016. Mindfully in love: a meta-analysis of the association between mindfulness and relationship satisfaction. Journal of Human Sciences and Extension 4(1):89-101. (PDF)

  • Koch, R. E., A. E. Wilson, and G. E. Hill. 2016. The importance of carotenoid dose in supplementation studies with songbirds. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 89(1):61-71. (PDF)

  • Goessling, J. M., H. Kennedy, M. T. Mendonça, and A. E. Wilson. 2015. A meta-analysis of plasma corticosterone and heterophil:lymphocyte ratios - Is there conservation of physiological stress responses over time? Functional Ecology 29:1189-1196. (PDF)

  • Willoughby, J. R., M. Sundaram, B. K. Wijayawardena, S. J. A. Kimble, Y. Ji, N. B. Fernandez, J. D. Antonides, M. C. Lamb, N. J. Marra, and J. A. DeWoody. 2015. The reduction of genetic diversity in threatened vertebrates and new recommendations regarding IUCN conservation rankings. Biological Conservation 191:495-503. (Web link)

  • ArchMiller, A. A., E. F. Bauer, R. E. Koch, B. K. Wijayawardena, A. Anil, J. J. Kottwitz, A. S. Munsterman, and A. E. Wilson. 2015. Formalizing the definition of meta-analysis in Molecular Ecology. Molecular Ecology 24:4042-4051. (PDF) (Web link)

  • Kollock, R., K. Games, A. E. Wilson, and J. Sefton. 2015. Effect of vehicle-ride exposure on cervical pathology - a meta-analysis. Industrial Health 53:197-205. (PDF)

  • Games, K., J. Sefton, and A. E. Wilson. 2015. Effect of whole-body vibration on blood flow and muscle oxygenation: a meta-analysis. Journal of Athletic Training 50(5):542-549. (PDF)

  • Newcomer, B. J., P. H. Walz, M. D. Givens, and A. E. Wilson. 2015. Efficacy of bovine viral diarrhea virus vaccination to prevent reproductive disease: a meta-analysis. Theriogenology 83:360-365. (PDF)

  • Havird, J. C., R. P. Henry, and A. E. Wilson. 2013. Altered expression of Na+/K+-ATPase and other osmoregulatory genes in the gills of euryhaline animals in response to salinity transfer: a meta-analysis of 59 quantitative PCR studies over 10 years. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Part D: 8(2):131-140. (PDF)

  • Lucier-Greer, M. and Adler-Baeder, F. 2012. Does couple and relationship education work for individuals in stepfamilies? A meta-analytic study. Family Relations 61:756-769. (Web link)

  • Logan, S. W., L. E. Robinson, A. E. Wilson, and W. A. Lucas. 2012. Getting the fundamentals of movement: A meta-analysis of the effectiveness of motor skill interventions in young children as assessed by the test of gross motor development. Child: Care, Health & Development 38(3):305-315. (PDF)



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